Lorenzo Herrera y Lozano


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[Inspired by Sandra Cisneros’ “You Bring Out the Mexican in Me”]




you bring out the Joto in me

the María Felix eyebrows

the sexually confused macho

the Tecate & lime

the Saturday morning shock

of hickies and phone numbers

you are the one I would hold hands

in public with, while cruising down my old barrio

allow you other men in bed, still believing

promises of monogamy and forever



for us


you bring out the Chelo Silva in me

the bolero in me

la mano caída, tight jeans and spiked hair in me

the velvet dress on a Sunday morning,

unshaved legs with white nylons in me

the spine of Frida in me

the butchered Coyoxauqui in me

the screaming super market baby in me

the government cheese in me

the chismoso y metiche in me

the fetish of crucifixes on a hairy chest in me

the J pronounced as Y in me

the greasy, mullet-like wavy hair in me

the Chihuahua desert, pecans and red meat in me

the love of death in me

you know you do  

oh, you know you do


you bring out the drag queen in me

the perpetual attitude in me

the Juan Gabriel trip and fall in me

the Rivera-inspired Catrina in me

the gay bar bathroom bump in me

the Bidi-Bidi-Bom-Bom in me

the San Antonio 3:00 a.m. fideo con carne in me

the fondling on the dance floor in me


papacito,  my sweet obsession

I am the psycho who stalks your home at night,

make sure you’re there when you say so

I would find a man just to cheat on him with you

I want to bottom, top, flip it and reverse it, with you

I want to commit unforgivable sins and bask in them

I want to trade Grey Goose for Boones Farm,

coke for crack, Banana Republic for the Gap

me sacas lo maricón en mí, y te gusta, chulo


you bring out the ojo-giving celoso in me

the “I’m gonna cut her if he don’t stop starin’ at you” in me

the high-heel-stabbing Esta Noche draga in me


the blank-stares at football games in me

the Texas syphilis breakout in me

the AIDS pandemic in me

the Out Magazine never seen Mexican cover-boy in me

I’d mispronounce my name for you

light a cigarette and watch how others lust for you,

ready to burn whoever gets too close


sabes que soy cabrón

soy San Lorenzo quien quema los pies de noche

I am the excessive drinker

the insatiable size-queen

the sex-addicted promiscuity

you bring out the superficial lust-at-first-sight in me

the vile jealousy in me

the voyeur and exhibitionist in me

the leather daddy in me


sage, Pomada de la Campana, Concha Nacar

hierbaloca, Jabón ZOTE, mota, Sal de Uvas

lavender candles  

all you locas, talented and not,

Marisela Monet, Kelly Kline, represent girls


I want to be your loca

only your papi

be my papi

I want to show you the way jotos do it

the way we were meant to




Originally published in Tragic Bitches: An Experiment in Queer Xicana & Xicano Performance Poetry (Kórima Press, 2011)

You Bring Out the Joto in Me